New Location, New Life

I never thought that we would be living overseas AGAIN! John’s impressive first season in Germany got him on the map, and he had the accolades to prove it. From being player of the month to being the cover shot of Rollt. magazine, and much more it’s all been a dream since we graduated from UT Arlington last summer.

His bestiality on the court and focal leadership caught the eyes of a lot of teams, after many long discussions with myself and others about the best decision for us, he decided to take his talents to Wiesbaden, Germany to play for the Rhine River Rhinos! This decision was bittersweet because we enjoyed the life and grew so close to so many people in Köln, but all things aside we had to do what was best for us and for our future. I wish nothing but the best to everyone in Köln; for it was a magical experience and I thank you all.

Now I thought that living in Germany once I had seen it all-boy was I wrong. Living in Wiesbaden is vastly different from Köln. Wiesbaden is a much smaller city than Köln, but my it has the personality to back it up.

We live in the small suburb of Erbenheim, like Rodenkirchen, it’s quaint and houses older residents. This area also includes those from the United States military base which is only a few kilometers away from us so that’s a neat addition. We have one bakery, one apotheke (pharmacy), one grocery store, and a few restaurants. It’s perfect! Everything we need is within walking distance, and it’s much more affordable than living in Rodenkirchen that’s for sure. The scenery here-psh, it’s drop dead beautiful. In the distance you see mountainous terrain with beautifully ornate architecture to dazzle the street surroundings. We also use the buses to get around the city and back home. I love public transport-if you don’t use it or have never tried you definitely should. You save money and the environment! Our apartment is spacious and has an awesome balcony; not much of a view, but it’s still a balcony. The temperature just began, literally as of yesterday, to lower so it’s chilly and overcast versus the hot summer days we just got done having. But like I’ve always said it’s not really Germany unless it’s a little dreary. The people are so kind and gracious. They always offer to help John into the bus, although he doesn’t need it. You should see the looks on people’s faces when he gets on and off the bus-priceless. Also my German is getting stronger each day and I can finally put together sentences! In fact, I find myself getting into teensy German conversations with old women on the bus. Gosh, they’re cute.

Now the stadtmitte, or downtown, is absolutely stunning. I haven’t been a huge fan of churches or architecture growing up, but since living in Germany I have a newfound appreciation. It’s actually a hobby now; I love photographing churches. Granted I’m not good at taking photos because I’m no professional, but I’m cool with it. They have such beauty and history, each so diverse it’s truly remarkable. From various colors to designs, there’s so much to gander at; I could sit in front of one for hours just venerating. Besides the city’s pulchritude, something I missed terribly while I was back at home was the food! Specifically the döner and lamacun (Turkish pizza). Fun fact: döner was the first meal I ate when I got to Erbenheim. However at the airport he surprised me with a coffee and laugenecke. I swear he’s perfect. Honestly, I was so happy to see him and finally be near him that I didn’t eat much. It was like my nerves and emotions were going haywire out of happiness! Seeing him as I exited Customs was like taking a breath of fresh air. My man. My love. Finally.

Our decision to move overseas for a second year wasn’t exactly popular since many things were changing and happening in our lives, but you know what I say? Live the life you want if you can. Life is too short and so precious that to not travel to new places or take on new experiences or create a life with the person you love, regardless of opinions, would be a mistake. We both have families that we love very much, but we want to make our life  and this life the best we possibly can. We want to follow our dreams and live every day like it’s our last because it’s our God-given right. Some decisions in life won’t be liked or understood by others, but that’s ok. If you feel and know in your heart that this is what you were made to do, then do it. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do it if you can. Cherish those moments so they live on to be memories. John and I talk all the time about how excited we are to tell our kids and grandkids about our experiences; the places we’ve gone, the people we’ve met, the food we ate. And it’s all a part of our story that we’re making together.