Going The Distance

When John is in Germany, and I’m at home in the States the distance gets hard. RIDICULOUSLY hard.

Smile Jillian!

Be positive John!

Long distance, no matter where or how long, is always a feat. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar. I have to say though, I’m one of the lucky ones because we only go a few months without seeing each other, versus others who go years.

While at home I do the normal things like go to work, hang out with family and friends, watch TV, exercise, clean the house, play with my pets, etc. But the ONLY way I’m even remotely able to withstand the distance every day is by telling myself that I’m strong, and we’re strong.

It’s a cycle we must go through daily, but we think of it like this–since we want to have a future together then this is only a small amount of time that we’ll be spending away from each other. We can do this!

But I have always wondered…How is it that two people in love can be in a long distance relationship for so long?

Frankly, thinking about the issues a long distance relationship can bring didn’t really bother us. We know who we are as a couple, and we remember the great trust we have in each other. The long distance transition wasn’t exactly frightening; a little dismal…but we just had to do what we had to do. For the record, I would never change a thing!

Since we’ve started this European excursion in August 2015 we’ve lived together in on-and-off in Germany and the States. A few months here, a few months there. I have a travelers visa, whereas John has a working visa because he gets paid by his team so he’s in Germany most of the time–here arises the reason for our long distance.

Allow me to say this though, I believe that in order to have a successful long distance relationship, a couple needs to have trust.

Trust isn’t something someone should gain overnight either. It shouldn’t come for free it should be earned over time. In fact, while John and I were dating I had my guard walls up. All. The. Time. It wasn’t until a few months after dating, when we were officially a couple, that I really opened up to him. I had been through a lot, and so had he. We understood that about each other.

He became my best friend hands down. He knows my flaws, my pet peeves, my reactions, my attitudes. Everything. He gets me, and understands me in ways that I didn’t know a person could. And above all he gained my trust, the hardest thing to do.

John and I know how we feel about each other, and we don’t want to do anything to mess that up. So if we have to go long distance for a few months then so be it! We take it as a challenge because we know in our hearts that we’re strong enough to get through this.

So if you and your partner are contemplating about going into a long distance relationship, think about this…how much trust do you have in your partner?

FEATURED PHOTO FUN FACT: For a week or so at the beginning of the 2016-17 season, John was feeling really lonely, and basketball had been bothering him so I wanted to cheer him up in any way possible. I did a lot of research, and raked my brain for days thinking of a creative way to make him smile. What can I do?! Finally I had success. I sent him a Telegram!! Remember those? People communicating via Morse code; how cool right? I love the vintage vibe it exudes, and since I love to write it was the perfect way to show him I’m thinking of him. Use code LFAD for 10% off at TelegramStop!img_73691


I came across this idea (and coupon) when I was reading the blog Loving From A Distance. I’ve been all over it! It’s a great blog for long distance couples that goes through all the ups and downs so you never feel alone.