Hamburg, Germany

For our three year anniversary in February 2017, John booked us a trip to Hamburg, Germany! This was insane because I had just got to Wiesbaden for the second time one day earlier, and we were on a train to Hamburg the next. I told you John has a thing for spontaneity…

Anyway, the trip was absolutely amazing and more than I could ever ask for despite the weather. The temperature was mighty cold and the wind was treacherous. Hamburg is a port so the wind and cold combined made your face freeze in 10 minutes, nonetheless, it was still a stunning sight.

We went up to the Philharmonic, took photos with massive statues and churches, walked the Reeperbahn, ate tapas and drank wine, and last but definitely not least…saw The Lion King on stage! It was in German of course, but it was the most beautiful show I had ever seen in my life. No word of a lie. The play was romantic and full of color and life. It didn’t matter that we didn’t speak the language well, we were still captivated like we were fluent. I cried and John held me so tight. I will forever remember every part about that night.

The memories I have here are so wonderful and happy. John always know how to do that so well. He sweeps me off my feet every chance he gets. 🙂