When John would go to training on Thursday’s in Wiesbaden, I chose to stay home on those days so that I could clean the flat. I would clean from top to bottom, then do some exercise, make a face mask, shower, and cook dinner so it was warm and ready when John got home. This was wonderful because he would get some time with his mates, and I would have some me time. But I would end up finishing everything so fast that I began to add onto my exercise time, and after a while I thought, why not dive into some kind of new workout? Something physical, but not extraneous. Something relaxing, but not boring. Where in the hell do I begin?

Over the next few days I didn’t think once about this new thing I was going to do. I talked to John about it briefly, but even he was like well what are you thinking of? I had no clue. Until Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, you always get me. I was scrolling through one afternoon and I saw this graphic with a Buddha and colors pointing towards different parts of the body. I was intrigued.

I did some research, and I came to find that those colors on that picture were actually chakras. These colors were symbolic for the different energy centers of the body that govern parts of our life according to Buddhist beliefs. Huh? At first it sounded a little far-fetched, but then I kept reading and it all started to make complete sense. For instance, it described how the things you eat, depending on color, can charge up your chakras. And diving deeper, how having low self-esteem can block the solar plexus chakra, therefore catalyzing poor physical issues within your lower back/abdominal area. I don’t know why this all just clicked to me, but it did. As I was learning about the chakras, it made sense to add a physical aspect. In steps yoga.

I had known of how good yoga is for the soul, body and mind, but I didn’t ever practice it. I’d done some classes with my parents and sister, but at the time when I did it I thought it was silly. People breathed so weird and so loud. Not to mention there would be 70-year-old men fashioning their bodies into pretzels making me look like a dry rubber band ready to snap at any moment! Oh yeah, imagine the visual go ahead. I’ve never been a class girl and most places are expensive! Plus, I just prefer to do a lot of different workouts in the comfort of my home or outside. I like to mix it up so I don’t get bored!

So I started teaching myself simple poses and practices by watching videos on YouTube or an app (My favorite app is Down Dog BTW). Sometimes I Google poses if I want to work on a particular area or chakra too. Having yoga be so accessible is part of what makes it relaxing, I can do it anywhere I want! I don’t need any free weights, machines, nothing. It’s all me and my body. In fact sometimes at work to take a breath, I walk to the Water Gardens, sit down on the green grass on the Stage, start my breathing, and then it turns into a 10 minute quick flow. But right after I feel rejuvenated and positive–ready for the next task at hand.

The reason I gripped to yoga and chakras so fast was because it made all things make sense. All things in life have a purpose and I liked that. Everything is connected. Now, I’m no yogi and I don’t practice everyday, but I do appreciate the understanding it has provided me. I’ve expanded my mind, and sure it’s different but so am I. We all are.

P.S. Does anyone else feel weird taking photos of themselves like this?