Busy Body

Let me tell ya, life gets busy. Finding time to write is almost nonexistent nowadays, but I’ve managed to finally get something down. From Australia to Visa stuff–let me update you.

First and foremost, John and I are officially awaiting the next steps for our fiancé visa process, so right now he’s home in Australia.( 😦 wahhh) BUT our “case” was received in August by USCIS, so let the real wait begin! I mean progress is progress with the government and every day counts, but it’s a lengthy and unpredictable. The processing time for our service center is 5.5 to 7.5 months, with that, it means sometime before/during/after that month range, John will be able to travel here to Texas so we can get married! Oh, but wait there’s still a time factor…once he gets here to Texas, we have three months to actually get married! That’s when the fun really starts. We will be planning and inviting for the wedding all within three months. Talk about hectic! Hectic but amazing.

FUN FACT: In October it will be 4 months that John and I have been apart–the longest we’ve gone. (I know people go through a lot longer, but damn it’s tough either way right?!) Keep it up long distance lovers!

In other news, I have completed Accutane after 11 grueling months. I had a few minor issues: the price of the medicine and appointments ($$$), severely dry skin and roller coaster mood swings, but nothing major enough to stop treatment. I began on 60mg/day then got bumped up to 80mg/day so that had a HUGE effect! Enter clear skin. My many years of complexion strife have now concluded, and I have beautiful skin. I touch my face and feel like butter. I finally have skin that I’m happy with, and to be able to have and say that is incredible for me. For more than 10 years I had awful cystic, papule acne all over my face causing pain, discomfort, low self-esteem, bullying and so much more. I hated not wearing makeup because of my face, and now, unless I’m at work I have zero makeup on and it’s the best thing ever. My tips for Accutane? READ EVERYTHING and know what side-effects to look for, but ultimately be strong! It will be worth it.

imageOn a depressing note, in June I was attacked by a dog. Here’s how it happened–I was jogging with my dog, Zeus, like we typically do 3-4 times a week, and have been for a year now. I knew the route. That day was different. An unleashed dog was in its front yard with its owner and as we were jogging by on the sidewalk the dog began barking aggressively and bee-lined straight to us. I saw the dog coming, and instantly tried the run the other way, but was unsuccessful. Zeus was guarding me and in that, a fight between the two dogs ensued. As I was trying to get in between the two (which I shouldn’t have) I was bitten by the unleashed dog on my hand, forearm and elbow along with multiple scrapes and scratches on my arms and legs, which resulted in stitches, a citation to the unleashed dog, pain, trauma, and expensive medical bills. Though the situation was awful, I was glad Zeus was there to protect me. He is such an amazing pup. Conversely though, I haven’t been able to take him on a walk since because I’m so traumatized of other unleashed dogs. And I’m noticing them more and more in our neighborhood now. I will get stronger and heal my trauma, but it will take some time. I’m just glad we’re ok!


As far as my work life…well, my job is excellent! I really love what I do. Currently I help run two companies. The work is demanding and challenging, but most of all rewarding. I juggle a lot of jobs; from administration to web and business development, compliance to organization, managing Salesforce to utilizing Docusign; the list goes on. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because I love being a part of every aspect of a business. I learned this very early on when I interned at UT Arlington in the Athletics department. I started as a PR intern, then was asked to hop on the marketing team in addition to taking over the Blaze’s Kids Club. This was awesome and fantastic for me! I mean even earlier than that, for my 11th birthday I asked for a cash register. And BEFORE that, in kindergarten when they asked me what my dream job was, and I said cashier. A little strange, but still what can I say I’ve been wanting to run a business for a loooong time.

With the long work days, I appreciate my mornings and evenings as they are my own to prepare and unwind. I’m an early riser. Starting my day with 5:30am yoga is an essential part of my daily routine. Yoga and I have become splendid pals I must say. As I’ve said before I’m self-taught, and I do my own research on poses and practices, as well as meditation and chakras. Though I’ve gone to classes, they aren’t really my forte. I mainly do it for the spiritual aspects, but I do it for exercise too. To me, chakra balancing makes sense and incorporating motion like yoga is such a beautiful way to combine the spiritual with the physical. My reason is that I hope to enlighten and broaden myself through acceptance of my body, mind and soul. In fact, I think yoga has helped me stay centered while John is away. Believe me, yoga is wonderful for more reasons than one.IMG_3099

Welp, that’s a pretty good catch up. I love feedback and questions so feel free to drop a comment, share, like or reblog!