On To The Next

WE RECEIVED THE BEST NEWS in our mailbox on Thursday, 17 January 2019. Our fiancé petition was officially approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS!!! AH! I’M SO EXCITED!!! Getting the I-797 Notice of Action (USCIS approval letter) is a huge step forward because now it means that our petition is on to the National Visa Center or NVC.

That evening I had just arrived home from my little brother’s basketball game, as always I greet the animals and then depart through the front door to check the mailbox. The air was chilly with a slight breeze so I walked rather briskly toward the end of dark pavement. Not expecting much but maybe a water bill, I pull out two pieces of mail. One hard-to-miss, blue, postcard mailer asking for clothing donations (man I need to gather more stuff for that, note to self) and a thin white envelope. Zoning in on the envelope’s blue text that decorated the top left corner, “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.” In that moment my eyes grew ten times their size, I thought I was seeing shit! Then I let out a loud, croaked “YEEEESSSSSSS,” and bolted back inside the house. My mind is running a hundred miles a minute, as is my heart bursting from my chest. Now being able to see the envelope, I flip it over, tear it open, trying not to rip anything; I’m so freaking ecstatic I just want to read what it says! I finally place my eyes on the solo letter, read the first two sentences, and fall to my knees with tears streaming down my face. This was it, what we have been waiting to see since August 2018. After I had a cry fest for about a minute or two, I brought myself to my feet so I could find my phone and video call John. My love. I call, lines connected. In the first few seconds he probably didn’t understand anything I was saying because I was definitely babble-balling rather than sucking up my upper lip and telling him clearly. Again I pull myself together, raise up the letter for him to see through the phone and divulge the news. From there, we just vibe. I can feel him. Even though he’s thousands of miles away I could feel his emotions. Our time was coming.

Incredible what a piece of paper can do. Literally one piece of paper.

As I sprinted into the house, accompanying my influx of excitement and happiness, an overwhelming feeling of reassurance and progress coursed through my body. Waiting that 150 days seemed like an eternity, though I was absolutely certain that our I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé application was perfect; filled out to a T with tons of evidence of our ebullient and devoted relationship. I mean it was 96 pages total… Time apart can get really hard and you can start to get crazy if you don’t have positivity. I believe our positive vibes and strong love (did I mention excellent application?) really helped make this part of the process move as gracefully as it has thus far. For that I’m very grateful. Now, we just keep this train moving and wait to get snail mail from the NVC. Every waking day we get closer and closer to our goals of being together forever. 🙂

So all of what I just wrote above, now means that…we can let the wedding planning commence! BUT we still don’t have a date set yet, because you know, government and stuff. Until then I’m beyond ready to have my man home. On to the next step we go.

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