Beetroot, Blood Bats and Beerwah

October 2018 was my most recent journey to Australia, and John and I were about five months into the processing wait time for our K-1 Fiancé Visa. Because of the United States government and the whole visa process, John cannot travel to the States so I go visit him in Australia.

YAY! Our USCIS processing is complete and now we’re on to the NVC, read more about it! One step down and tons more to go.

This trip was different from when I went in February because literally every weekend we had something to do. From soccer games to beer festivals, John’s pampering was nonstop and I was spoiled beyond measure.

For starters, on the plane ride to Sydney I managed to get my own row. I got to lay down and sleep for that 17 hour nonstop flight, great success! Once I arrived in Sydney, a rather long wait for my baggage ensued. Normal, but I’m trying to see my Dingo! After about 40 minutes and one sweat fest later I was able to walk through those inviting “EXIT” doors. When I walked through, the air was crisp and cool–thank goodness. Finally being able to see color again, I saw him. Pushing through the crowd, it was like I was home.

Fresh cut hair and face, body bulked up from training, and that irresistible smile. Four months without seeing each other in-person had finally passed and it was like seeing him for the first time. Reminiscent. I was instantly taken back to the day when I first saw him, on the basketball court, strong and insanely attractive.

After a good makeout (uh duh) in the airport, we went outside to the taxi line, hopped in a van, and arrived to his house. We didn’t spend long there though. He told me to shower and get some relaxing clothes on because he said we were going to stay at a hotel for a few days right in Darling Harbour. Amazing was an understatement. We need this, you feel me! Then, once showered, he surprised me with other news in the cutest way possible. He told me to close my eyes, took me by the hand, guided me to his living room. It was setup on the coffee table: a drawing done by him, a single red rose, two glasses of champagne, and a stuffed koala bear…this was his way of telling me that we were going to Queensland to cuddle koalas!! What. In. The. F*&#! I was ecstatic. I finally get to cuddle my favorite animal. 🙂 If you remember from my last trip to Australia I wasn’t able to hold a koala, so this was another dream come true.


And the news kept flowing…

Since we were going to be in Beerwah, Queensland visiting Australia Zoo, John made more plans. Why not a road trip to the Gold Coast!?

We flew in to the Sunshine Coast, got a rental car and drove about an hour to Beerwah. What a fun name right? When we go there, we stayed in the most delightful bed and breakfast, quaint and calm, just a short drive to the zoo. It was decorated like a love nest with rose petals on the bed and all that lovey stuff–I loved it ;).

Now, the Zoo. I was literally a kid in a candy store. All of the animals were active and looked so happy, not depressing or pacing at all. Trainers were walking leashed wombats and dingoes, wild birds and lizards were blending in, sights of the harbour were breathtaking. From the zoo staff to the landscape, it was an unforgettable day. Plus, seeing all of the photos of Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert was a shot at the heart. What an incredible life Steve lived but watching his kids and wife continue his legacy is just beautiful.

Of course, the best thing about the zoo though was seeing koalas. There were so many it was incredible! As soon as I walked in the zoo, there one was. A lone koala in the arms of a trainer. I was in complete awe, jaw agape. I turn and look at John like a little girl asking, “can I go see it please??”, and with no thought or words I just bolted to the koala. I stood there, and started crying because I really couldn’t believe it. I asked the trainer if I could pet it because I didn’t want to make the koala uncomfortable or scared, so I did, and ahhh my heart melted. Though this was nothing compared to what John planned later in the afternoon–a personal encounter with a koala so that we could hold one and take pictures! That experience was next to none. I was beaming with happiness when I finally held one. A koala in my arms, peaceful and adorable as ever–all I ever hoped. Just wow, so darn soft. A little stinky but I could care less, this was a moment of a lifetime. I remember looking at John thinking how lucky I am, he thinks of everything. Gosh, I mean the trip to Beerwah was so incredibly fun!

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The day after the zoo, we were heading to the Gold Coast. We stopped in Brisbane to have some lunch. It was so nice, besides the traffic (but what are you gonna do). We sat on the river at a food truck plaza eating awesome chicken wings and calamari, drinking beer and talking about life.

Shortly after our lunch, we arrived in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Jeez, this place is just stunningly picturesque, so beach-y and chill! That stay was super entertaining: a burlesque show at Dracula’s, Nando’s chicken burgers, and shopping were on the list of things to do for sure. We didn’t get in the water, as the ocean was quite fierce, flags alerting us the days we stayed–safety first with the sea. One city we did stop in on our drive back to the airport to fly back to Sydney, was too wonderful. Everyone there was active, smiling, and healthy. We got some breakfast at this lovely little cafe. No doors, just sit down and they come to you. The air was perfect, sun shining, and the food was to die! May I just say that I am so in love with the fact that Australians use beetroot in a lot of dishes because, well, I love beets. So I got this vegan bowl with beets, avocado, Kent pumpkin, quinoa, sprouts, and more–goodness gracious talk about yum! As expected, John got his big brekky. Man, this Gold Coast trip was insanely cleansing and purely calming.

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The week after that, we went to a private brewery tour at James Squire in Camperdown. This was a super dope experience because we got to meet the man that created the Coors Light recipe, Mr. Chuck Hahn. Uh, yeah. A real beer legend. Along with Mr. Hahn, everyone there was so kind and extremely friendly. Though the brewery wasn’t wheelchair accessible, they carried him up like royalty. Very cool people, delicious brews, and complimentary sausage sandwiches equal a very fun afternoon.


Our day wasn’t done yet though. That evening, we went to a Sydney FC match! It was a rivalry game of Western Sydney FC vs. Sydney FC–Sydney Is Sky Blue 😉 We love watching soccer and going to new stadiums together, plus this is the third country we’ve attended a live match! Cool right? But there’s so many more to see. Ah not to mention, the game was the the Sydney Cricket Ground. A historic pitch. Walking through the place with John was a moment I’ll never forget. You could feel the energy.

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We’re not finished…

Last time in Sydney, I didn’t have the pleasure of visiting Bondi Beach, so this time it was a must! Let me tell you, Bondi is wicked. The water has so many hues of blue, the people are stunning, and the atmosphere–well that’s why you go. Want to see beautiful topless women? Go there. Want to see chiseled men? Go there. Want to be yourself? Go there. There is real truth behind the ocean and its cleansing purities. I get it.


That following week, we stayed around the house which was much needed. Sitting in John’s backyard at night is always one of my favorite things to do. The wildlife is what makes me enjoy it so much. Although, there’s a lot of different animals that I don’t know anything about; how they sound, look, etc. So check this out: one night John and I are drinking a glass of wine in the back and I hear this insane sound, I can’t even mimic nor write the sound. I asked him what it was and he said, “blood bats.” I look at him like I saw a ghost. “What? Like a vampire bat? They suck blood?” I was completely in shock. John had convinced me that blood thirsty bats fly around at night looking to eat people. So naturally, when we went back in the house, I ask mum what kind of bats fly around…guess what she said. “Blood bats.” Of course I freak out thinking they act like it’s nothing, what in the world?! A minute later, they can’t hold it in, and mum and John bust out laughing. There aren’t any blood bats, they’re fruit bats and they eat the pods of the turpentine trees. Shit, they joke with me too much sometimes. HAHA.

At the end of the week, we attended a beer festival with mum for Sydney’s Beer Week. I couldn’t tell you how many crazy beers we tried, but damn, so tasty and all different. I mean who doesn’t love beer and food?! Plus, the weather was excellent. Just a little hot but where we were, we were getting good breeze. After John and I went out…yeah we like to party. John got on his phone, and came across this bar called Burrow Bar. This was the COOLEST bar we’ve ever been to, by far. John said follow him…it was down an alley. I was hesitant, but I trust him so I trail behind. He turns the corner and there’s a bouncer. He asks for our IDs, then opens the door and we head in. Small and quiet, dark and sensual. Whoa, this place is vibing. We sat up at the bar, and that’s when our night started again. Talk about the best cocktails in Sydney! From Trinidad Sours to Negroni’s, the bartender pumps these drinks out like they’re made in the heavens. Oh yeah, we met one of the top bartenders in Australia–Jet Hauge. He was a really cool guy with an extraordinarily, visually stimulating talent.

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After having so many planned excursions, we figured we need to do something spontaneous because that’s how we roll. So, we came to a consensus. Our decision was to take a day trip to the Blue Mountains. It took one day to plan our trip. BOOM. Our early day started with a train ride to the airport to pickup our rental car. We were on the road by 9am for a four hour drive; it went so smooth it didn’t even feel like four hours. The best way for us to see the Blue Mountains was to go to Scenic World. This place was freaking awesome. I’ve been to many mountain ranges, but this was so diverse and different. Being able to explore the mountains this way, see faux Dinos, and take in the natural beauty was crazy exciting. And I’ve never seen a jungle before, and this, this was like King Kong’s stomping ground. Such impressive views of life and history.

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And the final event of the trip…

It was my last week there so we decided to do another random thing. Why not go see The Book of Mormon?! The famous play created by the writers of South Park was incredibly witty and belly-busting funny. The songs, innuendos, and humor all combined into one make this smart and brilliant show. We both have been wanting to see it for some time so being able to do it together was perfect. A wonderful ending to the best trip of my life.


Whew! That was a long post, I hope you enjoyed [got through] it!

Sending positivity and love to all.