Don’t Be An Ass

I believe that collaboration is everything, but so is encouragement and positivity.

Being on social media should be a fun and motivating place with a melting pot of people exposing their ideas, views and experiences. But professionals should always be professional–especially on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I feel that people sometimes forget that. Shooting down ideas, not listening (with an open mind), being rude for no reason or just completely arrogant, et cetera is not collaboration. It’s just being an ass. We should motivate people with sanguinity to do and be better, not drag people down with negativity.

Yes, people can and should have their own opinions because that’s what makes cultures diverse and wonderful, but don’t we remember the saying, “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all?”

With social media being public and the masses being able to see what you comment, like, and post, don’t you think a personal filter should apply too? I mean unless you like looking like a discourteous and insensitive person then okay, but if so please head over to Twitter–you’re welcomed with open arms. LinkedIn is for professionals to network. Let me repeat professionals!

We know some people aren’t nice, and that’s just life. But you know those people who think their shit doesn’t stink? Yeah, those are even bigger asses. The Kim Kardashian West of asses. On social platforms, these folks dispel such a disagreeable presence. It’s all me, me, me, me, me! Bash this, hate that. Say you post about or message a person regarding an idea that you’re really excited about, and either you don’t get a reply back or tons of harsh words about why things won’t work, how it sucks, and more. Wow, I think. You’re a “respected” owner of a huge (or small) company and you address a message or post like that? No need for your pompous negativity, I suggest adding at least some constructive criticism instead. 

On LinkedIn and social media alike, everyone is at a different stage in their business and life so set out to be that bright, shining light in a room full of negativity Nancy’s.

Look to bring together ideas and people from all walks of life, and don’t be afraid to give or take chances. Know your worth, and on social media, please act in kindness.