John and I officially wed at the Justice of the Peace courthouse in Fort Worth, Texas on 13 May 2019 at 4:23pm by Judge Ralph Swearingin. We had a 4:00pm appointment so you can see just how quickly it all went. Such a breeze. Only my grandparents, close family and best friend (she’s basically family anyways) came which was the original plan–it was so “us”. Then for dinner, we went to eat at Nobu in Dallas. Goodness gracious that place is ridiculously scrumptious. All in all, it was a day we’ll forever cherish.

Something that the Judge told us: “Always remember 4:23pm, as it will keep you grounded in your marriage.” Nowadays if one of us looks at the clock and happens to see that time, we look at one another and smile. We both know what he means now. That look and that time can take us back. Whenever we need to be reminded.

Right after we officially got married, it was straight to Pinterest (and weddingwire.com of course) we went! Putting our beautiful, magical, and perfect “celebration of love” or wedding together was quite the experience. Sure at times it got stressful, but we were so ready for this. Plus, it really all came down to the amazing team we assembled. Without them, our day wouldn’t have been what it was. To see some photos or watch our sneak peek video just click here!

Background: me, John, and my sister, Sydnie, had just got back from Australia on 8 May 2019. The next day, 9 May, we went to apply for our marriage license in Southlake, Texas. With our fiance visa in the mix we thought it was best to get things done as quickly as possible to prevent any extra time going by. At this point John and I had been together for five years so any positive sign or news we got, we took it and ran with it.