Kölner Zoo

A fun activity that I enjoy whenever I visit a new city is to take a trip to the zoo. It might be a little childish, but I don’t care because they’re fun (especially when the animals are out-and-about). So while John and I were living in Köln we had to make a stop.

Turns out the Kölner Zoo was pretty awesome, and the wildlife were definitely active! I really liked it because it was a bit different from any zoo I had been to before, and the weather on this day was perfectly crisp. The zoo is stationed about a mere five minutes away from the city center, so it’s hard to miss driving into downtown. The concrete walls that border the establishment are decorated with impressive and colorful zoo-themed graffiti, which definitely gives it that literal “concrete jungle” vibe. The monkey exhibit was very unique. There were wire cages that hung high near the ceilings that outlined the inside of the building walls where the playful primates were free to roam. This was a neat addition I had never seen before, and they were so cute and full of energy it was hard to stop watching!

If you want to know more about the Kölner Zoo just click here!

Here are some of the photos I took on our zoo trip!