Wedding Photos

On 16 November 2019 John and I had our wedding, or “celebration of love” as we like to call it, at the Sanford House in Arlington, Texas. We had very close friends and family in attendance because we wanted a very intimate affair. From the guestbook basketballs to our gluhwein welcome, our special day encapsulated parts of us that we hold dear. Every moment, decoration, and step was carefully crafted. We danced, cried, sang, laughed, and everything in between. We hope that you take a few clicks to look at our beautifully magical day.

If you LOVE these photos like we do, please let us or the amazing photographer know – Melissa Claire Photography

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Jillian + John McPhail  |  Teaser from Everlasting Wedding Films on Vimeo.

All the love,

Jillian & John McPhail